The Art of Diversity

Now in its 6th year, the international Bridgeman Studio Award is the fastest growing contemporary art competition for artists, illustrators, and fine art photographers, the Bridgeman Studio Award is sponsored this year by Verizon Media with the theme 'the Art of Diversity'.

With nearly 5,000 entries from all over the world, we are proud to announce the winner of this year's award is Ken Nwadiogbu (b. 1994, Lagos, Nigeria), Ken’s incredible technical ability and concept of the Art of Diversity wowed this year's judges, Verizon Media, artists Zak Ove and Sinta Tantra and Bridgeman Images. The runners up for this year's competition were Rhea Dillon, Gianna Lee Dispenza, Aicha Fall, Linnet Rubaya and Naira Mushtaq.

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