Calum McClure

Calum McClure was born in 1987 and graduated in Drawing and Painting from Edinburgh College of Art in 2010. McClure’s drawings, prints and paintings depict country estates, cemeteries, national parks and botanical gardens – places created for man’s solace and pleasure. 

He thinks about these places as a modern Arcadia into which people can escape for a few hours every week. Through painting, monotype and etching McClure explores the complexity of images taken from nature that at first look simple. His work evokes atmosphere - especially through the representation of light, shadow and reflections. 

Some of his images are almost abstract, others quite clearly representational - produced from intense scrutiny of details of grounds and vistas, views from particular places all with their possibility for further imaginative exploration. He is an artist who dreams as he sees and concentrates deeply as he paints, enabling others who view his work to be transported in a similar way.
Two Monkey Puzzles

Calum McClure

Two Monkey Puzzles

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Calum McClure

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paper size 57 x 45 cm, plate size 40.5 x 30cm

Edition of 40
Signed and Numbered by the Artist

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