Mat Collishaw

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Mat Collishaw was born in Nottingham in 1966 and was educated at Goldsmiths College in the late 1980s. Collishaw exhibited his best known work, Bullet Hole at Freeze in 1988 and had his first solo exhibition two years later.

Collishaw uses zoetropes and virtual reality in his work. At Somerset House, Collishaw recreated Fox Talbot’s 1839 photography exhibition in Birmingham in the artwork Thresholds.

His zoetrope, The Centrifugal Soul features birds performing mating dances and extracting pollen from wild blossoms, inspired by evolutionary psychologist Geoffrey Miller’s theory that the desire to make art comes from the need to impress the opposite sex.

Mat Collishaw
Archival inkjet print with screen print varnish on Somerset Satin Enhanced 330gsm

Tulipmania by Mat Collishaw forms part of the Turkish Tulips Portfolio which is currently available here.

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