Gordon Cheung

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Born in London in 1975 to Chinese parenthood, Gordon Cheung studied painting at Central Saint Martins and graduated with an MFA at the Royal College of Art in 2000.

Cheung’s work captures the mood of a global financial collapse of civilisation and features various dystopian motifs that reflect this.

In the studio, he uses spray paint and shreds newspaper stock listings from the Financial Times to collage into his pictures, although he has also used video animation and sculpture in his work.

His work is exhibited internationally and has been featured in the British Art Show 6 and as a finalist in the John Moores Painting 24. Commissions include the Laing Art Solo Award in July 2007.

Cheung’s first US solo exhibition came about in 2010 at the Arizona State University Art Museum. His other solo shows include Art in the Age of Anxiety and The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse.

Collections such as the Hirshhorn Museum and Whiworth Museum also exhibit Cheung’s work. He focuses primarily on painting, using strong colours  painted on collages of printed pages.

Cheng constructs most of his works on the computer, coating sheets of newspaper with varnish to be printed onto. The image is split into grids, each being printed and put onto the canvas.

Cheung uses the brightness of his colours as a representation of the faded utopian vision of the future, eradicated through the crises of the modern world, although his colour leaves a glimmer of hope.

Flowers In A Glass
Gordon Cheung
Archival inkjet print on Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308gsm

Flowers In A Glass by Gordon Chung forms part of the Turkish Tulips Portfolio which is currently available here.

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