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Born in Merseyside in the North West of England, Fiona Banner studied at Kingston University and graduated with an MA from Goldsmiths College in 1993.

Banner’s first solo exhibition came in 1994 at City Racing. The following year she was included in General Release: Young British Artists at the XLVI Venice Biennale.

Although specialising in a variety of artistic mediums, she is known for her textual pieces produced through her imprint, The Vanity Press founded in 1997.

Language is central to her work and in 2009 she issued herself an ISBN number, registering herself as a publication under her own name.

The Nam (1997) is a 1,000 page book that transcribes the plots of six Vietnam war films in a way that makes the plots indistinct from one another.

Banner’s ‘wordscapes’ focus on the connections between language and sensory experience, taking inspiration from film with exhibits of her ‘still films’ on canvases the size of cinema screens.

Chinnook (2013) criticises military air shows through showing a helicopter pushed to its technical limits for the purpose of display.

Banner’s work on the human form follows a similar approach to her descriptions of films. In Mirror, actor Samantha Morton posed nude while reading Banner’s transcription of her naked body.

That Damned Elusive Black Tulip
Fiona Banner
Archival inkjet print with hand-applied Indian ink on Somerset Satin Enhanced 330gsm

That Damned Elusive Black Tulip by Fiona Banner forms part of the Turkish Tulips Portfolio which is currently available here.

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